Most of the graphic images used on this site are photographs that have been manipulated primarily on the iPad with Adobe (which offers many of their apps free and are very versatile together), Polarr, Snapseed & other programs and then rendered with Laranxa imaengine/vector q or Futurala Artomaton. They are really nifty programs to use and are free (last time I checked) so go download them and try them out for yourself. I’ve recently branched put into learning to use Affinity’s group of photo and design programs.

Why didn’t I just draw them myself? Well, it has been decades since I drew regularly and I was never really that great at it to begin with. Occasionally I still give it a shot and see what I can do but I inevitably come to the conclusion that learning to draw, especially to the level I would like to be at, is not only going to take a very long time but will leave me with less time to write, edit and organize the story presented here. I have in many ways found a fairly happy medium by which I can explore and develop imagery to accompany this project. Ideally, I’d like to find an illustrator to work on this. If that’s you and you are interested, hit me up.

Some of the images used were found through sites like Picryl, Pexels, Unsplash, Free Images, Public Domain Pictures, the Library of Congress and others (they all seem to have the same images these days) that provide free images.

Character Images: It’s hard to find a consistent variety of character images to use for reference, so when I see someone who is regularly in the public eye who looks like a character I’m imagining, I try to find more candid pics to use for continuity. No such luck. They are always too posed and never provide enough diversity in activity or expression. That’s where the ability to daw really well would be handy and beneficial. The images used for the character bios and to accompany minor facts and storylines are approximates of what I think they look like. Many of the characters, events and plot points are based on actual people and situations I have encountered in my life and while there may be some resemblance to them or drawn from a passing anecdote or incident, this is where fiction begins and reality fizzles.

Scrivener: By writers, for writers.

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