Hey! Elliott here. I’m glad you stopped by but unfortunately you have caught me doing some cleaning up and organizing. The pandemic has given me few opportunities to work on and overhaul this site. It’s been way overdue. I’m happy to say that I’m making some headway here yet my time has once again become limited. I just need to complete the pages with some snappy writing to engage you all with. Today I’ll be working on that.

Stay tuned – updates will be coming up!

P.S. I have some fun surprises in store for you just as soon as I can get them together. Soon. Very soon. I promise.

about Elliott

Writer, composer, avid researcher & daydreamer, I’ve spent 1/3 of my life being a kid, 1/3 working various positions in restaurants, 1/3 doing live theatre production and management and all of it in pursuit of creativity. These days I spend my time learning graphics & how to code while I work on a novel.

about Ishah El

Back in 2005 I sought to pursue an idea – to create theater pieces that would transgress the lines between popular entertainment & spiritual direction. Inspired by stories, films & tv shows that depicted more than a cursory view and immersion into the world of spirituality and metaphysics, it seemed that there would be an interest in a medium that explored these concepts in depth. I formed a non-profit organization and recruited a handful of folks this purpose and Ishah El was created. We worked. We raised finances. We argued. We lost interest against the demands of our day to day lives (looking for jobs that pay and advance our careers, the unwillingness to give up free leisure time, etc.) The organization was relegated to the back burner and technically still exists. It seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect, I wonder, is there really an interest in and a necessity for spiritual and metaphysical based drama? Perhaps. Then again, where are the lines that separate them and on which side are the lines drawn?

about Mondo Arcadia

Around 2010, as I was emerging from a very severe period of depression which was marred by the use of anti-depressants in an effort stem it, I was on Christmas holiday vacation with my wife. While driving the many miles between New England and the mid west, we were listening to a couple CDs of “psychedelic rock music”, (from Turkey and the Middle East, no less). My wife asked me what, exactly, is psychedelic music? The anti-depressants had really wrecked my memory to the point that I found it difficult to draw upon and summon information that I was otherwise certain I knew that I knew. To this day there are still blank spaces where I once was able to recall details about books I had read, movies I had watched, even personal encounters I once had. I was surprised that I could actually answer her question with some clarity, insight and level of correctness. That evening I began to have ideas centered around the question – what is psychedelia? I began writing again and over the years a strange story emerged.

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