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A brief contextual hypertext biography.

I played guitar and synthesizer in a couple of bands in the early eighties. Discovered that I prefer experimentation and composing more than performing.

Studied journalism. I’m still studying it, just not in a formal setting.
Worked as a writer/ reporter/ photographer for stint.

Worked in a variety of restaurants in a variety of roles for many years. Wrote a cooking blog for a while which you can read here.

I also made spice seasonings and sold them online through etsy.

Contributed to an independent zine called “The Gregarious Monk” with a few folks.

I’ve been doing freelance theater production and management work for twenty-five years.

I write when I can and am working on a book. That’s really what this site is all about.

I had a world music show called “Grooved Pavement” on WMUA 91.1 FM for five years. There are playlists of the shows posted here.

About E. M. Burke

He writes. He edits. He researches. He manages stages, both theatrical and Jungian.
And he can cook.

Writer, researcher, obsessive collector. I’m working on a book and exploring the possibilities of making it a graphic novel.
I’m learning how to draw again and create digital art to storyboard the development and I’m looking for someone who would be interested in illustrating it. Want to see some more of what I’ve been doing? Please go HERE.

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